Customer Data Working Group (WG3)

This is the homepage of the Customer Data Working Group (WG3), part of the Carbon Data Specification Consortium (CDSC), an LF Energy project.


This working group focuses on writing free, open specifications for providing utility customer data access, in order to facilitate carbon emissions calculations and decarbonization efforts.

Use Cases

We have defined several broad categories of use cases we will focus on addressing, along with what customer data types and functionalities will need to be specified to accommodate those use cases.

We’ve also made a list of what data and functionality is specifically not in scope.


These are the official specifications written by this working group.

If you would like to contribute to these specifications, please see our docs on Contributing and Design Principles.

Previously moved specifications:
CDSC-WG1-01 - Server Metadata [Overview] [Specification] (Moved to Connectivity Working Group’s CDSC-WG1-01)
CDSC-WG1-02 - Client Registration [Overview] [Specification] (Moved to Connectivity Working Group’s CDSC-WG1-02)


Want to participate? Great! We’re an open organization, so we welcome any company or individual who wants to provide input.

Things anyone can do (no membership required):

Things you can do if you become an LFESS member (it’s free!):

NOTE: It’s okay if you’re not yet an LFESS member and comment on something (spec, issue, pull request, mailing list, slack discussion, etc.), and we want your input to be incorporated into our specifications. We’ll just ask you to join LFESS before we can merge your suggestions into the specifications.


See our

Our specifications operate under the Joint Development Foundation (JDF) project model.

Our code and documentation is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Code of Conduct

Contact for Code of Conduct issues or inquires: